Organic. Fairtrade. Women-Empowering

Coffee Roastery in Georgina, ON

Organic. Fairtrade. Women-Empowering

Coffee Roastery in Georgina, ON

Organic. Fairtrade. Women-Empowering.

Coffee Roastery in Georgina, ON

Welcome to Elpida Cafe & Roastery

A coffee roastery in the heart of Georgina, Ontario


  • Ethically Sourced

    All our coffee is sourced from small, Organic & Fairtrade coffee farms around the world

  • Supports Women Internationally

    Through a partnership with the Cafe Femenino Program, women coffee farmers are empowered

  • Small-Batch quality

    Our high-grade coffee is roasted in small batches, made to order. Freshest batch guaranteeguaranteed

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Making a difference in our community & the communities of others.


    Local Collaborations & Private Labels

    We love working with other local businesses & sharing our passion for coffee with others. You can find some of our custom blends & private label coffees available throughout the GTA at coffee shops, farmers markets & breweries. 

    Including our Dirty Chai Blend, Lavender Infused Coffee, & soon to come Maple Coffee with local Maple Sugar.

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    Not only is our coffee Organic & Fairtrade, but it sourced from small women-run coffee farms internationally. 

    By partnering with the members of the Cafe Femenino coffee program, we are supporting women farmers internationally as they fight for equality and their voice to be heard within male dominated coffee communities.  

    Our Coffee is Coffee that Cares. 

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    Giving Back

    To give back to the charities/organizations that do so such for our community and its residents, we donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of Charity Blend coffee to the current featured Charity group.

    To further our impact on the coffee farmers we rely on, we donate $1 from every retail bag of coffee sold - to coffee communities impacted by poverty.

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Sumatra Coffee is Amazing!

Bold flavour gives you that kick you need to start the day. Highly recommend it!

Diana S.

Amazing Coffee

So glad this place exists. The coffee is better than most I've tasted from roasters from around the globe.

Chris M.

We have the coffee from Elpida often. It is honestly just the best. Any blend of it, there is no bad one, they are all amazing!

Alexandra C.