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Cork French Press (GROSCHE)

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Rule of thumb is to use a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. For every 1 gram of coffee, use 15 grams (mL) of water.


    • Add 5 tbsp of coffee grinds into the French press base once plunger is removed 
    • Pour water until full and place the plunger gently on top
    • Wait 4 minutes and press plunger down
    • Pour the coffee and enjoy!

    Each purchase of Grosche products results in clean drinking water for others:

    "When something as simple as a cup of coffee, tea, or infused water can be a whole lot more, its something amazing. With the profits from our business, our Safe Water Project has funded over 100 Million Days of Safe drinking water for people in need, & counting. All with your help.  #everycupfillsanother"