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Elpida Café & Roastery

Place Holder for Coffee Bean Favours - (Burlap Bags + Custom Sticker)

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Add this to your cart to start the process of creating personalized coffee favours for your event!
The coffee beans will be sealed in small burlap bags with a custom sticker!

All of our coffee is ethically sourced from Organic, Fairtrade coffee farms that help to empower women in coffee farming communities.

Coffee Choices:

Wedding Blend: smooth, lingering with subtle notes of citrus and dark chocolate.  

Single Origin Choices:
Guatemala- flavours of vanilla, fresh almond, dark chocolate and cherries
Nicaragua - a creamy mouthfeel, bright citrus acidity, and balanced flavours of dark chocolate and walnut
Sumatra - both earthy taste, with smooth flavours of black cherry, tobacco and cocoa
Colombia - nicely acidic flavors of chocolate and dried fruit
Peru: flavours of dark chocolate, bright citrus and maple syrup
*Samples available

Discount with Quantity:
25-50 bags – $5.50 per bag
50-75 bags – $5.00 per bag
100-200 bags – $4.50 per bag
200+ bags – $4.00 per bag
*Above is for 1 type of Single Origin at 1/8 lb (55 grams) in whole bean form*

- Add $0.25 per bag for ground coffee
- Add $0.50 per bag to do 2 different coffee bean types
- Add $0.50 per bag to do a blend (e.g. Our Wedding Blend)
- Add $3.00 per bag to upsize to 1/4 lb

Please give us at least 2 months time from when your event is to take place, to ensure we can finalize all the details for the favours in time - coffee type, burlap bag style, custom stickers. You will be invoiced when the order is completed.
    Place Holder for Coffee Bean Favours - (Burlap Bags + Custom Sticker)
    Place Holder for Coffee Bean Favours - (Burlap Bags + Custom Sticker)