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Elpida Café & Roastery

Tea Subscription Box

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Enjoy the excitement of locally sourced loose leaf teas & related goodies arriving to your door with our tea subscription boxes! 4-5 items per box! 

Each month will be different! No two boxes will include the same items!

*First box will include a tea infuser*

Servings: 40-50 servings 


  • Bimonthly (every other month)
  • Seasonally (3 times a year)


  1. February (Bi-Monthly & Seasonal)
  2. April (Bi-Monthly)
  3. June (Bi-Monthly & Seasonal)
  4. August (Bi-Monthly)
  5. October (Bi-Monthly & Seasonal)
  6. December (Bi-Monthly)

Ships out on the 15th of every month. Order by the 1st to be included in that month's box. 

*This next box - order by February 10th,  ships out February 18th*